Fox News Shows Obama as DC Sniper Not John Allen Muhammad

See MANY more examples of Fox News Bias on my Fox New Bias playlist on YouTube at…

The juxtaposition of video of the mass murderer known as the D.C. Sniper with video of President Barack Obama was bad enough on «Fox and Friends» this morning, but when that Fox News broadcast actually substituted video of America’s first black President in place of video of convicted killer, John Allen Muhammad, it was hard to see the miscue as an entirely innocent error, particularly in the context of the other Fox News «errors» I’ve documented in the past that always seem to favor the right wing.

The 3 short clips of Fox News I use in this video come from the November 10, 2009, broadcast of the program «Fox and Friends» (and I have not been able to find the segment from which I took these clips available online).

My 3 previous videos to which I refer in this video that document Fox News «errors» that favor Republicans or disfavor Democrats are

«Can Bush, Fox News, Others Blame Foley Scandal on Democrats?» available online at…

«Fox News Indicts Blagojevich (Twice)?» available online at…

and «Fox News Cut of Obama Speech Shows Fear of Crossover Appeal?» available online at…

And, finally, as always, you can find DOZENS and DOZENS more examples of Fox News bias on my Fox News bias playlist on YouTube at…

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