Is Cartman the Archie Bunker of His Generation?

I’m not sure why the the Eric Cartman character on the show «South Park» is so appealing as a kind of «lovable bigot,» but Cartman also reminds me of another character from I show I watched in my childhood, the Archie Bunker character in the show «All in the Family,» as I explain in this video.

The 2 short clips of the program «South Park» come from the episode «Pee» broadcast on Comedy Central on November 18, 2009, and currently available online at

The audio clip of the interview of Trey Parker by Julie Rovner comes from the program broadcast on NPR on April 5, 2008, available online at…

And, the 3 clips of the program «All in the Family» come from the episode «Sammy’s Visit» broadcast on CBS on February 19, 1972, and currently available on DVD from Amazon at…

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