Fox News «Waiting for Superman» Spin About Blaming Teachers’ Unions Dishonest?

135+ MORE examples of Fox News Bias at…

Even though the great new documentary «Waiting for Superman» blames a variety of sources for problems in America’s public schools, the consistent partisan spin at Fox News has been to describe it as a movie that «bashes teachers’ unions for bankrupting out nation’s schools» and «blames teachers’ unions for America’s failing eduction system,» even after the director of the documentary, Davis Guggenheim, specifically corrected that mischaracterization of his movie during a «Fox and Friends» interview by Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, as I show in this video.

The first 3 Fox News clips I use come from the October 8, 2010, broadcast of «Fox and Friends» and, although I have not found the first clip online, the 2 clips from Gretchen Carlson’s interview of Davis Guggenheim come from the longer segment available on YouTube at…

That interview is also available on the Fox News website at…

The clip of Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy I use in my video comes from an October 11, 2010, segment of «Fox and Friends» (which I have not found online).

More information about the documentary «Waiting for Superman» is available at

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